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Business Loans

Every business needs money to operate effectively. A carefully structured business facility can help reduce unnecessary cost and allow your business to run more smoothly.

Business loans provides options to support growth or investment in your business, purchase another business,


  • Low rates
  • Businesses of any size, including sole traders, partnerships, trusts and registered companies
  • Choice of Variable or Fixed interest rate
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • Principal and interest, or interest-only repayments.
  • Various forms of security, including trading assets or property

Unsecured Business Loans

An unsecured business loan is another way to access funds fast in a short time for immediate  business needs.

A good way to prepare for a lead up to a busy season, without the worry about cashflow.

Generally higher in interest rate, requiring minimal paperwork and security.

available short-term small business loans for a term of 3 to 24 months

Target new customers, explore new ideas or run a targeted marketing campaign

The process is quick and easy, approved and funded within days.

Purchase stock and equipment

Ease your short term cashflow

Expansions, renovations and unexpected repairs

Or take advantage of any multitude of opportunities

Debtor Finance

Debtor finance is a process to fund a business using its accounts receivable ledger as collateral. Usually companies that provide payment terms of 30 – 90 days can borrow funds against its invoice debtor book.

Instead of waiting for invoices to be paid, you can get immediate access to a percentage of the invoice as a line of credit in return for a fee. This can be an effective way for both small and large businesses to get working capital and to remove the cash flow issues that can be caused by slow-paying invoices.

Unlike traditional business loans, debtor finance gives you access to capital without having to use an asset as collateral against the loan or having to meet strict lending requirements.


  • Access to cash you have already earned
  • Solves short run cash shortages
  • Allows for owners to focus on running business
  • No physical collateral needed
  • Flexible – use when needed


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